Greg Wyshynski

Greg Wyshynski

I received an email that said I violated the TOS with a video I uploaded, and immediately deleted it. My account was still disabled/deleted.

The collection of videos on the account are either (a) shot by my own camera or (b) videos whose rights have been secured by Yahoo! Sports, my employer. I've been using Vimeo Pro b/c of the great video and audio quality; as it stands, over 50 videos that have been featured on Yahoo! Sports have now been lost.

If *anything* on my account violates the TOS, I'll delete it in a heartbeat. I'm not looking to abuse the rules here, especially now that I better understand them. I'm just looking to get my content restored.

Email login was ; username was Wyshynski (I think).

I've emailed three times to no avail. My email address is Thanks for the time and consideration, and I hope this can be worked out.

Greg Wyshynski


Katie Armstrong

Katie Armstrong Staff

Hi there Greg, Sorry for the delay! Your account will be reviewed and we will contact you via email. Thanks so much for your patience.



Hello, my account is, password ludivinne, and my username is ludivinne, I have no more access to this account because to I am told that it was deleted. I shall like knowing for which reasons, of more my videos were all deleted. Looking forward to an answer I wish you a good day.

email login was username ludivinne

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