Candidatis PRO

Dear vimeo team,

I tried to embed one of my videos on my website with this following code:

It works fine with firefox and chrome, but it doesnt work on ie8


Candidatis PRO

Thanks for your answer.

Here is on example:

Flash is installed. I checked that with youtube. I can see youtube videos with my ie8 browser. It also doesnt work on ie7.

BTW. Im still waiting for my upload access for following app CONSUMER KEY: 1cb9c61da052d1d3661744c4bbfc96ab .

Please give me access to upload videos by my app.

Thanks in advance!

Hotel 1000 Seattle

Hotel 1000 Seattle


We're encountering the same issue with our video embeds. We're on the plus account and the video is no longer loading in IE8, IE7 and Firefox 3.6.3.

The error we're seeing in IE is the following:

'C' is null or not an object

Please advise how to proceed.



Candidatis PRO

Hi Brad,

it still doesnt work on ie 7 and ie8.

Look at our website I tried that on different laptops with ie8. Not working at all.

Please approve that again.

Thanks in advance.


Ryan Hefner

Ryan Hefner Staff

Hey Candidatis,

I just tested your embed in IE7 & IE8 and it seems to be playing fine for me.

What version of Flash do those laptops have? Hopefully we can help resolve the issues you are seeing.

Thanks, Ryan


Candidatis PRO

Hi Brad, Hi Ryan!

Since we are using vimeo to communicate to our customers what we stand for, it is important to make sure everyone can watch it - is it possible to implement something like a version check or a warning or some info for ie 7/8/9 people who do NOT have the latest flashplayer installed?


Brad Dougherty

Brad Dougherty Staff

This issue has been resolved. The player should show a message when Flash is not installed.

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