Leslie Dempsey

Leslie Dempsey

I am a Middle Years teacher, and I would like to set up a Vimeo group to allow my students to share videos that they have created with each other and with parents in a secure environment. As many parents find technology cumbersome, is there a way that I can send an invite to a group of people (who are most-likely non-vimeo users) and invite them to my group?

I would like my group to still be only viewable by members, but I would like to directly invite members by email, vs. by inviting them to become members, and then finding each of them individually and adding them to my group.

Is there a way that I can do this?


Link: vimeo.com/groups/mrhyland

Daniel Hayek

Daniel Hayek Staff

Hi Leslie,

Sorry but we only allow membership based on having a Vimeo account. A basic account is is free and requires only an email address.

The problem is there's no secure way to have non members view entire Groups, if you like you could create a password protected album, and then distribute the link along with the password to whomever you wish to have the ability to view those videos.

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