Analytical Graphics, Inc.

Analytical Graphics, Inc. PRO

Is there any way to get the direct download link to a video file using the api or anything? I have a plus account and see the download file options for my videos on the vimeo site, but I am building and app that embeds the video for playing on the page plus we also need to allow the user the option to download the file directly. I've search all over the forum and have not found a solutions. From what I've found it seems vimeo doesn't have this option via the api, which seems a little odd to me. PRO

i'd like to know as well.. have you found solution?

Crystal Rose Cowdog College

Crystal Rose Cowdog College PRO

I'd like to know too. When I download a video, Quicktime, Windows Player & Real Player all say that they do not recognize the .mp4 format. Big problem for our business.



I'd like to know the answer to this too...


iFrogz PRO

Yah, this a huge problem for us as well. Seems like a pretty basic thing to offer.


iFrogz PRO

You could do something similar to Amazon's S3 API where there is a method to 'getDownloadUrl()' which could return an authenticated url that could also have an expiration on it. Pretty much the same way you download a video right now on Vimeo's website, except you can return the same link via the API.

Muhammad Asghar

Muhammad Asghar

Yes, Please add this feature ASAP. otherwise vimeo API is no more usefull.

XOXO Wedding Studio

XOXO Wedding Studio PRO

Yeah I just want to paste a link directly in a email to our clients to download there videos. Instead of having them go through the vimeo site and right click and click the right option. Everyone always gets confused.

Alec Kinnear

Alec Kinnear PRO

Hello Vimeo support,

what is the status of adding this feature?

We want to be able to get the secure video URL via your API.

Currently this is only possible for Pro users and they have to copy the URL from their video settings screen. And that video URL is not time limited, so if we put that onto our site, anybody can hotlink the video. So there should be a way of getting the URL with a time limited security key via API (like Amazon S3 as iFrogz mentioned).

This is important as you don't provide any chromeless version of your player, not even for Pro customers.


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