Robert Katz

Robert Katz

I've seen this before, but I can't seem to find a way to do it. I've been able to get the description and title/url. I also want to be able to get the number of videos in each album. I'm currently doing this:

channel->item as $video)
echo 'link.'">'.$video->title.'';
echo $video->description;

That's just to get those two things. I don't see anyway in the API to determine what album each video belongs to. I see it happening on the album page on vimeo so I hope you guys can make that available to developers.

Ted Roden

Ted Roden Alum

Sadly, at this point, there is no Albums or Channels in the API. I expect this to be resolved soon.

Robert Katz

Robert Katz

Well the reason I ask is because of this:

Looks like he has all that info, unless he's manually entering it. I doubt that he's using cURL or something to scrape the page for the data because that would be overkill.

Ted Roden

Ted Roden Alum

I think he must be scrapping it or hard coding it... that stuff will be in the API soon, but I don't think there is any way yet. Unless my memory and grep skills are sorely lacking today.

Anyways, I contacted Chris... perhaps he'll come and let us know how he did it.

You should be able to get that data soon though.



Hey guys - Ted is right I actually have a PHP file on my site that I manually update that associates videos with albums and I use this to display the numbers of videos in an album.

That's great that this is coming soon in the API though, Ted.

Zach 'Iowa' Hoeken

Zach 'Iowa' Hoeken Plus

hey guys, sorry about the delay here. unfortunately we lost Ted, our API guru.

i'm attempting to fill his shoes, but i already have my hands full with other projects. i'll try and get these features in our dev queue. if not, hopefully i can work on them in my time between projects.

stay tuned.

Brad Dougherty

Brad Dougherty Staff

Hey guys, I'm gonna be working on bringing the API up-to-date in the next couple weeks. Albums, channels, and groups are definitely on the agenda.


gohawaii PRO

Hi, Sorry to revive an old thread- but it seems that the info.xml/json is returning bad video counts. My album contains 33 videos yet the info is telling me there are 49 videos in the album. I suspect the bug is to caused by when you create an album with videos that have privacy settings on the videos, then remove the videos or privacy settings, the data being info.xml does not get updated to reflect the current state. Please fix asap... thanks
I added the urls below - notice the total_videos don't match


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