Alastair Oloo

Alastair Oloo

Hello all you good sound people. I'm a Motion designer studying at UAL in London. Its my final year, I've been locked away animating for months and even though I new sound was an issue and even though I never give it enough time- Here I am with around 2 weeks to deadline needing to sort it.

The projects are different and diverse :

1st Film: Sound Designer, Effects
Comprises of 4 short films here are the private links:

I'm fairly open to this project, so if interested drop me a line.

2nd Film: Composer, Sound Designer, Effects
Can be viewed here:

I have a much clearer idea of what I want here. Sound to generate a feeling of time running out, anticipation. We can discuss further if you're interested.

3rd film
A Foley Artist for a short animated film I have made about existentialism, nihilism and the commute home. Even if you are using stock or old sounds, this is OK as long as you can track it all to sound natural
Plus a composer, as I want to enter this in competitions and stuff.
If it sounds your bag get in touch.
(Am piecing this together in After Effects today, will upload to DropBox by the end of the day)

4th Film
Sound Designers, Composer, possibly Foley Artist for an experimental piece about Gentrification. Again this should be up online by the end of the day.

Im a student so cant pay too much, but Em sure something can be sorted for the right person.
The Ultimate deadline is 2 May, although earlier would be nicer. So reliable people who know they can do it in that time would be great.

Thanks for Reading




Hi there I'd love compose for one of these, the 3rd and 4th sound particularly interesting.
Here's some examples of my work
I'm also a student (creative music technology at Surrey) so I'm happy to just work for the experience and working to a deadline won't be a problem.

Wenda Zonnefeld

Wenda Zonnefeld Plus

Hi! I'm an award winning composer and sound designer. My awards are for different styles and genres. I just finished helping some students from the NY school of Visual Arts. I was the composer Foley Artist and Sound Designer and they loved the finished project. When the three meld together it can be amazing. Sound Design Example This example was a Jazz example - which is considered to be the most difficult to sync to film. website: has examples I'd like to do one film for you.

Richard Batchelor

Richard Batchelor

Hi there, my name is Richard Batchelor, I've been composing music for 15 years now and have vast experience.

Below are a few hyperlinks

This is a playlist with all of my previous short films and commercial projects.

And heres a composers reel showing a variety of styles I write in.

Hope to hear from you soon and looking forward to working with you.

Warm Regards

Richard Batchelor

Alastair Oloo

Alastair Oloo

Just want to say to everyone sorry for the extremely late response. Animation can be a bit of a bitch sometimes. I will be listening to everything people have posted up on here and contacting those to work with

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