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I'm wondering if anyone cares that a plus user can't work with the new design and would love to be back to the old practical vimeo UI ? I tried a link posted in the forum to opt-out, it worked for a few days, but again today i'm forced back to the new design.

Thank you.

Link(s): vimeo.com/kasra

Kasra Design

Kasra Design Plus

Hi Andrea,

I clicked on "vimeo.com/beta/opt_out " and it worked for a while. Then the next day when I signed into my account, I saw the new Vimeo is back. I never called it back!

I'm afraid that's a bug... ? as others wrote below (LaRose Media) that the mentioned link is not working for them either.

I can't work with the new design, it's like I have to solve a puzzle each time I need to find something. Statistics are hidden, menu is terrible, so much texts all over the place.

Thanks for your followup,

LaRose Media

LaRose Media PRO

that link does not work unfortunately, it comes up page not found :-(

Irani Friend

Irani Friend

I had the Switch-Back link available briefly when trying the new layout/design, but Vimeo have now moved my page three times to the new format despite many cogent appeals to them to retain the former design...

In the new layout there is no opt-back button - at least as far as I can see.

I have gone onto the forum here and - well, wasted - an hour or more writing to the Vimeo staff about why the new design is not at all as fine the the White/Blue one...

I've also gotten the "PAGE NOT FOUND" many times when clicking on the "beta/opt_out" button...

When I go back on the Forum, my Vimeo page gets reverted (Thank you Vimeo), but it's a bore and a chore to have to resort to this just to have access to the superior format that is being ditched....

With all the clicks and searching required in the new format, this *must* eat up valuable bandwidth on Vimeo's servers, mustn't it...? Why not stick with the simpler, more elegant, more welcoming White/Blue design? (For all the reasons detailed from so many Vimeo users)...

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