PeterAdvaita Plus

Since the new vimeo is forced on us my "plays" were decreasing dramatically ( I ask the support team to have a look). I have nearly no plays anymore. It may be because people don't find the hidden +video-button. It is really difficult to see it, that there are more videos of the same uploader when one comes on the page the first time. Why are these videos now hidden?
Why you don't make it optional to hide certain things. I really don't like this at all, it is unpractical and it looks ugly.


Soxiam Staff

Hello Peter. The main reason for the change in the new design was to create a clip page that's first and foremost for the best viewing experience of the video on that page. As a discover measure we have added additional related links (such as "more videos from this user") to the sidebar area in addition to the video browser module you can toggle.

That said, we are continuing to monitor usage (so far the viewing stats actually indicate more views per unique) and will continue to make some improvements to allow for easier discovery from the clip page.

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