Edward Chiho Tang

Edward Chiho Tang

Hi Everybody,

As for a my company account setting test. My colleague deleted the vimeo basic account last day. But he want to re-create an Vimeo basic account again failed. And the message shown as: "This email is already in our system."
So that, how can he use the existing email sign up for the vimeo basic account again?

Have a nice day

Thanks & Regards

Edward Tang


Mark Staff

We're working on this, but in the meantime is it possible for you to use another email address temporarily?

Edward Chiho Tang

Edward Chiho Tang

Hi Mark,

I'm very appreciate for your feedback quickly. Sure, We have many member's account already working. The problem account stanshum@nmg.com.hk is under my company called "MMC video".
MMC Video is an Vimeo Pro account user. Please help to fix the member stanshum@nmg.com.hk sign up for work. Many Thanks!

Have a nice day & regards

Edward Chiho Tang

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi Edward, unfortunately, you cannot use the address stanshum@nmg.com.hk if it is already affiliated with another account. What Mark was suggesting was that you use a new email address that is not currently affiliated with any Vimeo accounts in the meantime.

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