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I've had a Glidecam on my list of -wants- for a while now. I'm finally looking to buy one.

I have a Canon 5d Mark II with a 24-105mm lens. I need whichever one is good for all types of freehand shots.

Only problem is I'm not sure which to invest in? Any suggestions?

Bridgette Lee

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Do you know the differences between the Glidecam HD and XR series?

And does buying the 4000 over 2000 make a big impact on DLSRs?

Thanks! I apologize for the questions, but I want to make sure I spend my money wisely!

matt wolfe [cc]

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Between the 4000 and 2000, no, not really a difference for DSLRs. Maybe if you are attaching some extra stuff to it.

As for the HD and XR... I'm not sure what the XR was/is. I only looked at HD series.

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I own the HD-4000, and have used it with my 5D as well as Canon XF-100 & XF-300 (when attached to my X-10 rig). I LOVE the HD-4000. You can't go wrong with it. It balances very easily and allows you to attach a variety of items to the camera/sled if needed. You can use a bigger lens, external mic, external video monitor, etc. without worrying about going over the weight rating for the HD-2000.


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I have the HD-4000 and HD-2000. I also got the Steadicam Merlin Vest. There is a quick hack to modify the Vest with any of the Glidecam units. I use the HD-2000 for run+gun field work and the Vest-HD-4000 for wedding and indoor work. Once you practice these things are amazing. I use them for still video shots also. I place the bottom legs toward my hip for steady still (tripod shots) because you wont be flying all the time and switching cameras takes time.

Quick note. If you have a Canon 5DmkII camera with Mic/light/L series lens, the HD-2000 will be heavy for hand-held for more than 5min of shooting. That is why I just use it outdoors with no extra mic and light attached.



I've been looking at the Skyler minicam which looks good - will be a future purchase as funds allow.

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About HD-2000 "I am tall at 6′-3″ when I try to go low to get at eye level with my girls the handle hits the bottom plate the camera sits on which ruins my low shots." ( - Im even higher than Dave, tried the HD-2000 and what he said it's true. I'm going to change mine with an HD-4000.

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