Cedric Bonnier

Cedric Bonnier

I'm developing a desktop application which is supposed to be able to send a video to vimeo.

I created an application and requested the upload access (which has been granted). The consumer key is "b381aa6aa95d80f3180a75a71aa2bfc0e6717f77".

When I'm asked weather or not to grant the application access to my account it states that the application is requesting read AND upload, so I would expect it to grant write as well. But when I go to "My Settings -> Third-Party Applications" it states that the permissions is only "read", not write.

This resulting in getting the error code 99 when requesting the upload ticket (This seems normal as my ticket doesn't have write permission).

So my question is: what should I do to make my application having the write permission?

Should I use the xAuth authentication and set the "x_auth_permission" to "write"?

Thanks for any help :)

Brad Dougherty

Brad Dougherty Staff

Hi Cedric,

When authorizing the app, you should pass permission=write when redirecting to Vimeo.

Cedric Bonnier

Cedric Bonnier

Thank you Brad! Maybe you should add this to the OAuth part of the documentation, I don't see it anywhere here (maybe it was in another place thought) developer.vimeo.com/apis/advanced#oauth

One more question, are there "rules" that aren't documented for requesting a user authorisation? Because when I call this page vimeo.com/oauth/authorize with the temporary token, I have a web page asking if I want to allow the application to access my account (so far so good) but when I click "Allow" I don't always have the same result. Most of the time the connection seems to be closed, resulting in an error 324 ( "Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data."). The thing is that it works after the 7th attempt ...

EDIT: it seems to be a chrome problem, I tried with firefox and it worked instantly, I don't delete the question above, it may help someone else in the future, there is nothing for error 324 in the API forum.

Anyway thank you so much!



On Windows Phone 8, I'm experiencing a crash in the browser on the Vimeo login page when the user is redirected to a page with a "?use_mobile=true" query string. I think there may be a problem with the url schema in the authentication flow on Vimeo.com.

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