Tony Mendoza

Tony Mendoza

Hello Everyone,
My name is Tony Mendoza. I am an organizer for a film festival out here in Southern Nevada. (1 hour from Las Vegas)

I have just recently discovered VIMEO and have found many great films and have spoken with many great filmmakers.

We are currently taking submissions for our festival in November. The last day for submission is August 31st.

What I'm seeking right, are your films that you would like submitted to our festival at no charge to you. Because of the wonderful technology of Vimeo, all I need is a link to download your work, (mov or mp4 only) and your permission to use the film. You can send those links to the contact mail under my profile.

We have enough Drama films but are looking for everything else.
Especially horror/sci fi, music video, comedy, animation, and anything else in between.

You can visit the festivals website by going to:

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted and those considering.
Tony Mendoza
High Desert Shorts International Film Festival III

David Coiffier

David Coiffier Plus

> and anything else in between.

I might be somewhere in between everything else...

Just have a look to my 3 submissions, and if you want something for your festival, just tell me...

Loki Ojha

Loki Ojha

Respected Dear Creative persons

Find this video

Product music video devil share Story ghost revenge.

Character was killed by his close friend and his wife for lust and business share and

Character soul appeared for his revenge

Worked as CG artist, effects, shoot, dance, acting, music,done with one pc and one nokia

mobile phone cam

Trailer (response on you tube half upload)

Finished part (Please do let us know if link is not working )

Video Duration: 4:12, PAL Size 720/576 FPS 25. Version Regular, Anaglaphic. stereoscopic

Accepted by moive festival in various categories

Looking for any deal for mutual benefit like Distribution, venture capitalist,
Sponsorship, promoter, talent agents, media house with team support, an opportunity to
Create more projects like this

For information


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