Alex Hallajian

Alex Hallajian Plus

So happy about the new feature.

I'm not sure if this feature is available, so I thought I'd ask.

Is there a way to set default settings for the upload? (private, password, theme, etc)

It would be cool to be able to put a txt file in the folder that lists the desired settings of the uploaded video.

Something like:

So this way when I click render and leave the house I don't have to worry about checking in on the upload so I can change the settings.

Even further, it'd be cool to be able to have multiple subfolders. So my Dropbox would look like

That way I would just render to the appropriate folder and the settings will be right.

Thinking about it now, I guess it would be cleaner to just have a page on vimeo that accesses the db folder structure and then in the web page apply a preset. Either way, it would be neat-o. ;)


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