Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi Vimeo, Some users have reported audio sync issues recently, and we're currently looking into it.

if you are experiencing audio sync issues for files uploaded using the Advanced Uploader, please try using the Basic Uploader by selecting "Switch to basic uploader" on the upload page (vimeo.com/upload) while in Chrome or Firefox.

Then, compare the videos and let us know if the same issue is present in both, or if you're getting better sync in one or the other. Thanks!


PrepressIT PRO

Can we get and ETA on this issue please? I'm just about to enter a meeting with a big client and I'm going to have to tell them our video service is not working properly :(

Al Lougher

Al Lougher Plus

Same here. At first we thought it was VBR encoding but same is happening with CBR, no matter the uploader.

Storyline Visuals

Storyline Visuals Plus

Yep, same here. Way out of sync. Audio is ahead of video. Hope this can get fixed soon as it's a little embarrassing to show clients right now.

Zon Pictures

Zon Pictures

Same here. Tried everything today. It was really important that I get this video up today as I had another video in a film festival that was getting some good exposure. Even went so far as to upgrade to plus. That was a waste of $60. atom


Yogahora PRO

Same here. Audio is ahead of video using basic uploader. I had to switch to basic uploader because I had issues with the advanced one.

Zon Pictures

Zon Pictures

Yep. Uploaded same video to YouTube. No Problem.

Vanessa Corwin

Vanessa Corwin Plus

vimeo.com/50007287 used the upload page/basic. No difference from the Advanced one. What's interesting about this mp4 file it is the one Vimeo created from my original mov file that I uploaded. That one looks in sync - I can't tell if it's not. The original uploaded mov file via the advanced uploader: vimeo.com/49994232 that appears in-sync.
Both files play fine on my Mac.

Second Cousin Curly

Second Cousin Curly Plus

See vimeo.com/49707694. I can watch it in sync on my iPhone, but it goes out of sync on most computers. Watching in SD seems to make the problem worse, but streaming the HD version is so slow that it isn't practical for anyone but retirees.

I have checked all tech specs in terms of both video and audio codecs, bitrate, etc. Everything should be fine.

Let's be honest: this is a recurring problem with Vimeo. It resurfaces every few months. If this issue doesn't get resolved, I'll have to switch to YouTube as the default streaming video for my work. Very sad.

Link: vimeo.com/49707694

ABC Open Central West NSW

ABC Open Central West NSW

Another one below to add to the list.
Sync is fine in the original output files from FCP and Compressor. Out of sync evident on Vimeo when video cuts back to the talking head shots.

Link: vimeo.com/49999809

Wax Audio

Wax Audio Plus

Yep, it's a problem. I have had to resort to uploading my videos with the audio deliberately placed 3 frames out of sync in order for it to sync correctly on Vimeo. It's a real shame as otherwise, Vimeo is a great service. This is a huge, gaping flaw though.

National Peace Academy

National Peace Academy Plus

Same issue here. Way out of sync - I'm going to try adjusting to vimeo's suggested compression guidelines. REALLY need this to work - we launched a global media campaign last week with this video as a centerpiece. 10,000+ viewers to our website -- and the video we are showing them is an embarassment.

Link: vimeo.com/50030633

Wax Audio

Wax Audio Plus

National Peace Academy - I feel your pain, just do what I did. Move the video 3 frames BACK (making the audio 3 frames late) in your timeline (assuming it's a 25fps) and export your video like that. When you upload it to Vimeo, the "out of sync" audio will match up perfectly - at least it has done for me. It's not an ideal fix, but at least you'll have what you want on your site.


newhomestar PRO

I'm having this issue and I used the basic uploader. I am trying to use "Replace" video and that is when I experience the issue.

Link: vimeo.com/47608985

West Chester

West Chester PRO

I originally posted this comment in another (now closed) forum:

Please check vimeo.com/49915661 at 1:28 or 2:20. Video was recorded using Quicktime 7.

Tommy posted a response yesterday, saying the video was being re-converted and that this might correct the problem. I just checked the video and the audio is still out of sync.

Link: vimeo.com/49915661

Kesten Migdal

Kesten Migdal Plus

Ian Durkin recommended I try basic uploader instead of advanced uploader. Still no luck. I've tried Firefox and Safari. No difference. Still out of sync.

Lynn University

Lynn University

Still happening to us as well. If I re-render the video with constant framerate on in Handbrake it will be sync'd, but then I've got a quality loss from the second rendering. YouTube videos look better. Here is an example that I didn't take to handbrake.

Link: vimeo.com/50085940

Musing Pictures

Musing Pictures PRO

We are having the same problem with both uploaders. We reported this days ago.

Online Video Specialists

Online Video Specialists Plus

Issues with sync on my video vimeo.com/50131622 the sync is out by at least 10 frames...

The project file is fine, the exported file is fine, the video is synched perfect in both youtube and Vzaar yet it's not on Vimeo??? Have uploaded using both uploaders and the problem is still there. Have used the recommended settings and it's still out of sync.

Is there a way to mark a load of videos for mass delete? This laborious process of clicking, clicking and clicking then entering your password to verify the delete is time consuming when you have so many failures..... This is causing a huge waste of time, my 30 days is almost up and I will seriously consider moving elsewhere, I won't have a choice....


Crowned Kings Productions

Crowned Kings Productions PRO

I'm having the same issue as well. Exporting from fcp or compressor using their recommended settings. Need this fixed asap. It's been going on for a while now it seems.

Oct28 Productions

Oct28 Productions Plus


We are experiencing the same issues. Tried both the Basic and Advanced uploader, with the same result. Also tried changing browser, but that made no difference either. Tried uploading to youtube, and that worked fine.

Any idea when this will be fixed? We have some video releases coming up in the next few days...




safari, chrome, basic, advanced ... still out of synch. updates on this would be appreciated. thank you


EsoteriCam PRO

Stats was down for a few days and the audio, now, is still not looking right...

Thomas Burns

Thomas Burns

My videos are also out of sync. This is not acceptable for a paid video service. I use these videos for work.

Max Valencia

Max Valencia

So the ONLY SOLUTION is to export out of sync videos in order to be automatically re-synced by your faulty process after uploading?

John Frothingham

John Frothingham

I'm in the same boat. Vimeo, please don't make me switch to YouTube. I have a client waiting to see their wedding film but I'm too embarrassed to show them due to it being about a half a second out of sync. Looks VERY unprofessional. :-( Please help your loyal users out!!


StudentsFirst Plus

Here too. Uploading professionally mastered videos and now they're way off. What is the status/eta for this issue to be addressed? Launching an entire website today with several Vimeo hosted videos.



Same here. Obviously you guys are working on it with everyone having issues but can we at least have an eta on when these issues will be addressed? Thanks.

Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan Goldstein PRO

Same here. No response from Vimeo on ETA, about to cancel my pro account for waiting for the last 4 days to have this fixed, absolutely un acceptable to pay for a service and have no response from support.

Josh Enobakhare

Josh Enobakhare Plus

Same issue here. Got a video that plays perfectly on my Mac and continues to upload out of sync on Vimeo. This issue has plagued the site several times this year and is not acceptable for a paid service.

Ruben van Dijk

Ruben van Dijk Plus

Same Issue here. Using media encoder. Got a deadline and this is bullshit


PrepressIT PRO

Same issue here, about to launch a premium content website based on vimeo in two days and now vimeo is broken :( Would appriciate a response from Vimeo.


wvmotionworks PRO

Same issue. Following all guidelines, just as I have for a long, long time. Would love an update and acknowledgement from Vimeo that they have an issue. You know, an "it's not you, it's me" kind of thing.

District Media

District Media Plus

I'm also having the same problem. Spent a lot of time re-exporting with no success.

ii3/Shy Alter

ii3/Shy Alter

The same here. I tried it many ways, from different PCs/locations, using advance upload/simple upload and even Dropbox upload. I even re-uploaded videos that worked perfectly fine in the past and now after a new upload, are out of synch. It may mean, sadly, that I'll need to switch away from Vimeo. I have a number of business critical videos that I can't share with clients as a result. It's too bad Vimeo is not responding.


Búðardalur.is Plus

I´m dealing with this very bad issue too. I have now been waiting for 3 days after Vimeo fixing this problem. I can not wait any longer, i have to publish a video on the website im responsible for. I have paid for a video service that is not working properly. VIMEO where are you???

Fallout Shelter - Upcoming Film

Fallout Shelter - Upcoming Film

Hi, I am having the same issue. Please help! I have exported based on the vimeo guidelines, tried both the advanced and basic uploader on both safari and firefox, and have done it multiple times- all to no avail. Could a staff member please take a look?

Link: vimeo.com/50391906

Darnell Witt

Darnell Witt Staff

Thank you to everyone who have been posting examples in this thread. Our developers have been working on this and hope to have the issue resolved very soon.

We don't require further examples of this at this time, so I'm going to lock this thread and then replace it with a new thread that contains the latest information.

Please keep in mind that this bug does not account for all sync issues! Sync issues can also be caused if you don't follow our Compression Guidelines. For example, you will sometimes get sync issue is you encode your video with a variable frame rate instead of a constant frame rate.

So, if you followed our Compression Guidelines and you have a sync issue, chances are this bug is the cause and it will be resolved soon.

If you did NOT follow our compression guidelines, please re-compress and try again! vimeo.com/help/compression

Check this thread for updates: vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:74708

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