Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Hello my friends, some users are reporting that their quota isn't correct, even though they haven't uploaded within the past week. In some instances, the quota fixes itself over the course of a few hours. We're working on this issue now and hope to have it fixed very soon.

If you're seeing '0mb of 0mb' on or any other quota-related weirdness, please post below so we can correct your quota.

My face looks goofy. 

Amy Ralston Povah

Amy Ralston Povah Plus

I have been complaining about my limit not being reset since last Thursday. Someone named Riley keeps telling me that it was a bug but it has been fixed. it has NOT. I have emptied my cache and even logged in on a new device (ipad) thinking that would help. My limit was scheduled to reset last Wed at 12:01 am - nothing has changed and i too needed it this past week more than ever. i have provided screen shots almost daily to show that it is not fixed even tho the response i typically get is that it has been fixed. Can you please help me?

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Your quota is showing up fine on our end, I've even reset it so you have used 0 of your weekly 5gb.

Tommy Jones

Tommy Jones PRO

Yeah I am seeing that issue and need to get a proof to the client...this is the second time there has been some sort of issue when I need my service the most. I really want to rely on Vimeo, but this is the 2nd time it has put me in a crunch...not good. I hate Youtube but if a client needs something, I may have to go that route and upload private FREE links...I use Vimeo because I feel as a video director the quality is superior, but reliability is the key.

Jonathan W.C. Mills

Jonathan W.C. Mills

Same problem PLUS account holder 0 of 0 for the week...can't upload.

Christoph Heyden

Christoph Heyden Plus

I also have a quota-related problem.
The following error message appears: Storage / 352.143MB of 0B
It also says: Sorry, you’ve hit your upload limit for the week.
Please fix it as soon as you can! Thank you!

Bethlehem Bible Church

Bethlehem Bible Church

Same issue. I tried to upload two videos earlier today and Vimeo aborted the uploads after about 500 MB (1 GB total). I thought that my account might have expired but my account is set to auto-renew.

Please fix my quota and please give me back the 1 GB lost because Vimeo aborted my two uploads.

Thank you.

Stuart Bradley Newsom

Stuart Bradley Newsom

I'm new here, so I didn't know what to expect, like I would learn through various web hosting companies. Last night I wanted to finish uploading my videos but it told me, like everoyne else, the limit was reached. Hope you can fix it asap.



Mike Plus

I am showing 0/0, with no uploads this week. Thanks for your help.

Gitgo Productions

Gitgo Productions Plus

It says I have reached my upload limit and I can't upload or replace a video - I have west coast collaborators waiting for this video. I uploaded last Sunday and the video was WELL UNDER 5 GBS. The storage meter currently reads "0gb of 0gb available." I HAVE PAID FOR A PLUS MEMBERSHIP. This is extremely disappointing and frustrating - PLEASE FIX ASAP.

Thank you.


Andrzej Kazmierczak

Andrzej Kazmierczak

I'm having the same problem - "0gb of 0gb available". and "Sorry, you’ve hit your upload limit for the week."

Gun Lake Community Church

Gun Lake Community Church Plus

Exact same problem here. "Upload limit reached. Sorry, you’ve hit your upload limit for the week."
I did upload 1 300 mg file today. But this is certainly not nearing limits.
Stuck. Please help.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Fixed! Looks like it corrected itself! I reset your quota to zero as well.

Stefan Longin

Stefan Longin Plus

same problem here - client is waiting for a preview. :-/ No uploads last week at all



My upload limit has also been reached. I was in the middle of uploading a video (my first in 10 months) when editing some of the basic video info (like the title) seemingly canceled the upload and sent me to a new page.

Peter Martin

Peter Martin PRO

My upload limit indicates "0gb of 0gb available" and we haven't uploaded anything in a week. Please fix soon!

Jean-François Beaulieu

Jean-François Beaulieu Plus

I need a reset also ! For the moment : Storage / 106.067MB of 0B. I have a Plus account.

Thank you and hope you will be able to resolve the problem soon.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Fixed! Looks like it corrected itself! I reset your quota to zero as well.

Trudy Sjolander

Trudy Sjolander

I just upgraded to Plus tonight because I have a video that I HAVE to get done tonight. It was uploading for well over an hour then I got an over quota message. It stopped at the 500MB I have for free. Very disappointed. Looks like I have to go go do the Youtube thing.
My first impression of Plus is NOT a good one!

Trudy Sjolander

Trudy Sjolander

I am re-uploading again. I don't see where the first one is doing anything. I'm can you tell me how to see if the first one is making progress?

Steve Bowman

Steve Bowman Plus

HI there.. this seems to be happening to my account also... would appreciate getting this taken care of.. TIA...

Central Baptist Church

Central Baptist Church PRO

This has happened to my account also; please fix.

I had started an upload but canceled it after I realized I had selected the wrong file. The upload seemed to have been working ok, but got the error after canceling; thought it might be related, but then I saw this thread, so...


Katie Robbins

Katie Robbins Plus

My account says I've reached my quota of 0b of 0b. Please reset as soon as possible as I am a Plus member and should have 5GB since yesterday. Thanks!

Katie Robbins

Katie Robbins Plus

Fixed, but the speed is slow again. Only uploading at ~240kb/sec. :(

Ilya Kushnir

Ilya Kushnir Plus

Hi, I am having this same issue :] Please reset my quota as it says I have 0 out of 0 bytes lol.


Robert Tomfohr

Robert Tomfohr Plus

My quote seems to be messed up as well. Can't upload or replace anything. Please help!


StudioHousePictures Plus

Having same issue here. 0 of 0 quota reached....please fix as soon as possible, it is impacting my business. Thank you.


DBFilms Plus

Same issue for me. Thanks in advance for getting it fixed asap.

Hugh Blane

Hugh Blane Plus

Hi, I am having an issue with my quota as well, where it says 0 of 0 and the last video I uploaded was one week ago. It would be awesome if you could fix this...Thanks in advance

Barcroft Media

Barcroft Media PRO

My account says 'Storage / 1.343GB of 0B' and i have a plus account, thanks.

Barrie MacLeod

Barrie MacLeod Plus

Yes, I had the same issue also and had to wait 3 days to Monday 12:01AM so that it reset automatically but I never even close to 5 gigs !
Again, client{s} were waiting for the results :(

Let's hope it stays fixed now :)
And yes I have a PLUS account also... All my videos over the past 12 months don't even exceed 5 gigs !!


Quest Church

Quest Church Plus

I cannot upload anything! 0 out of 0b used on a PLUS account. Please fix this, as I need to upload a video ASAP

Surf Smooth

Surf Smooth Plus

Cannot upload files... incorrectly states upload limit is reached.

Surf Smooth

Surf Smooth Plus

Thanks so much. You folks do an amazing job. I can only imagine how hard it is to keep so many features and videos running smoothing. An occasional hiccup is certainly understandable.


ZEMOS98 Plus

It is my problem too. I only upload this week 80MB... Please help.


Yokotakid Plus

Same issue here. I have not uploaded in the past week, yet it states I have reached my limit and will be reset on Friday.


Millimedia Plus

Same here, I should have a 4GB headroom.... Also upload has been much slower than usual the last week or so.... Any idea on this last issue..? Tx

Rebecca Tharp

Rebecca Tharp Staff

Fixed! I also reset your weekly quota to zero. Slow uploads can be caused by a number of different things including file size and quality, etc. I would suggest looking at our recommended compression guidelines to see what we suggest for successful uploads!


Millimedia Plus

Thank you, Rebecca
About upload speed; I operate 3 Vimeo Plus accounts, and have uploaded several hundred hours since 2009. The speed issue is something new... Perhaps the Vimeo success is creating capacity problems somewhere..?




I'm seeing 0 available upload remaining.
My last successful upload was on Saturday, with a failed ~700mb upload on Sunday.

A thought - is there any particular reason why you can't roll round the bandwidth allowance on the timezone where I'm registered? or where my IP resolves?
Or - this may exist and I haven't found it, but an upload history in my stats would help resolve uncertainty, and make it clear what was uploaded in what time window and is therefore replaceable with no loss of bandwidth allowance.

thanks in advance - it's rare I have a problem with Vimeo and it's reassuring that this is a real one!

Rebecca Tharp

Rebecca Tharp Staff

Fixed! I also reset your weekly quota to zero. Thanks for your suggestions while we work through the issue, we'll keep them in mind!


Gunwerks Plus

Mine says 0 of 0, haven't uploaded in a couple weeks. Thanks

Bain Global Video

Bain Global Video PRO

We are also experiencing this issue - kindly reset our storage limit - Thank-you!

Wideopen Mag

Wideopen Mag Plus

We're having the same issue, would appreciate a fix please as have a deadline.

Francisco Miron

Francisco Miron

Same Issue here since this morning!! It's says 120.679MB of 0B

DeSant Productions

DeSant Productions Plus

thanks Tommy.

One other thing, Vimeo has been repeatedly logging me off the site, so I have to keep re-logging in.

Any idea what's going on w/ that?

Thanks again!

Martha Pepper

Martha Pepper Plus

Same problem. It says my quota for the week is full at 0 out of 0 and I haven't loaded any video this week. Please help! Thanks!



problemo with my quota please fix it thanks



I'm experiencing the same problem.


bubblerock Plus

Hmmmm... I have that issue... please can you fix it? Thanks

Chris Davis

Chris Davis

I have the same issue. Thanks for your quick response!

Stamper Dog

Stamper Dog Plus

Haven't uploaded in over a week. It didn't reset at Midnight either. Please help make my PLUS account PLUS! In other words - please fix my quota!

buero fuer neues denken GmbH

buero fuer neues denken GmbH PRO

we have the same problem. vimeo plus, 5 gb and no videos in the last week. now: Upload limit reached.
Pls fix, our customers are waiting! Thanks. Stefan



Same issue. Says 0GB of 0GB



Still have the same issue and need to publish my weekly posts please fix its been already a while and i need to uplaod a video

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