Emil Ravelo

Emil Ravelo

Hi, I'm sure this may be repetitive, but I'm still a novice to the wonders of the T2i.

Can I have some tips on to achieve the best out of my equipment (kit lens, for now)? Also, I've yet to upload on here, but I've notice that when I upload my videos edited (iMovie, can't afford bigger right now) or straight out of camera videos onto YouTube, the quality is horrible. I've read on export settings, but don't fully understand to achieve the great quality that graces this website. I have one of my videos attached and I don't know if it's because it's a wideshot, but it's so pixelated compared to my close-ups.

Help please, I want to begin uploading better quality videos of my daughter's upbringing and documentaries about my dance team.

Thank you!

Link: youtube.com/watch?v=eoyXC7RZFns

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