Cuker Plus

We use your Pro service as a tool for client review however we have been having problems with private/password protected videos being inaccessible to our clients. even though the password used is correct, it simply won't let them access the video. sometimes you have to enter the password twice, often in Safari it doesn't work at all while I'm able to access it from chrome. Go figure, clients aren't happy when they are unable to access their videos, so thanks for looking into this :P



Bush|Renz PRO

I am having exactly the very same problem, I had to delay a meeting with a client because of this, please help!!!

Matt Wright

Matt Wright

Same problem here. My client was having troubles accessing a file so I changed the password a couple of times and still no luck. After that I changed the file to be private and then my last resort was to change it to allow anyone to have access. Now I can't access the file externally without being logged in.

Kleeman and Mike

Kleeman and Mike

Same problem here. A few people have been able to access my password protected video but it seems like the majority cannot. These are people who contributed to help me make my video possible and it's already way late so they're very frustrated with me. Please help!

The Great Society

The Great Society Plus

Just had the exact some problem.Client would go nowhere after entering the password. I'm not positive of my client's specs, but it was working with Safari and Chrome on multiple macs running 10.8 and it's working fine there. Maybe it's an IE bug.

Doghouse Digital Media

Doghouse Digital Media Plus

I can reproduce this problem at will using Firefox 5.0.1 on Mac OS 10.6.8 by pressing the "Access" button. If I press the return key it works fine. Here's the video:
Password is starfish2012

I can also make it work by pasting the password in from textedit. You might be tempted to dismiss this as me miss-typing the password but you would be wrong. It fails every time.



Mark Staff

I have alerted our developers and we are looking into this issue right now. We hope to have it resolved ASAP.

Kerry Ware

Kerry Ware

same problem for me... password doesn't work and when I made the video public, it now requires client to login. ETA on when this will be fixed?



Is there any expected time for the "Private Video Password's not working" 'bug' to be fixed? Lloyd

Nick Kendall

Nick Kendall

Same question here...! the link works now, but it's on and can I trust it will work in an hour or tomorrow?? This weekend, when official reviews begin for the videos in my album, the link MUST work...currently looking into other video hosting alternatives. If you can't fix this, can I get a refund if I cancel the PRO account I just got? Another interesting thing that happens is that if I share the link to the album in "couch" mode, there's no password requested...shouldn't the password protection work on all possible views of the album?? Please advice, and please keep us posted...!!!


bootyquake Plus

Any updates, Mark or other staff? I'm in the same boat as others with a campaign on that HAS to work. I'm already doing crazy workarounds...


copper&wOol Plus

I have a standard vimeo account & I am having this exact same issue as of several days ago. A password protected video cannot be accessed with the password. I sent an email to "vimeo Help" & have not received any response.
Case #: 162954

Human Equation

Human Equation PRO

4 days still no new update. Do you know when it will be fixed? Thank you very much! =)



Same problem here in Safari 6.0.2 and OS X 10.8.2. Embedded video accepts password but then the dialog text, textfield etc. disappears and only the background remains. Using the video URL in the browser URL field works without problems.




Same problem trying to share albums this morning on Vimeo Plus. Have sent 5 albums, 3 out of the 5 people I'm sharing with have managed to open. 2 keep showing "sorry no videos found" when they enter album password. I've tried re-setting passwords. Any other solution?



This is still not working despite making new albums - they can get into the albums now but the individual videos won't open. Should I look at an alternative way of sharing my files or do you know what the ETA on fixing this is please?

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