The Gap

The Gap PRO

Hi there

How about a feature where we can upload a video and schedule a date and time for it to go live and even nominate an expiry/archive date if required.

At times our marketing requires our clients to look at a Video at a specific time so instead of manually using the privacy settings we would like to schedule the video to go live at those times and archive at specific times.



Soxiam Staff

Although not very common, we do hear this feature suggestion from time to time. We will consider it. Thank you.


Andrew Plus

I too find myself needing this feature to help streamline my video process.

Juice Distribution

Juice Distribution PRO

We would also appreciate this feature.

"Go Live" dates are important, but it's more common for us to pull a video from the site by a certain date. If there were a set-it-and-forget-it feature, it would be easier to sell the Vimeo Pro service to our clients.

Sid B.

Sid B.

This is sometimes useful when you know you're going somewhere without internet access but can't/do not want to upload it early. Would be useful.

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