Horizon Community Church

Horizon Community Church Plus

I have tried to upload my video 2 times from home and 2 times from Church. The error I get is "An error occurred while uploading..." The video shows that it is finished uploading, but when I go to it all I get is the error message above. When I go to "my videos" it shows color bars and a message "Upload Error".
I have confirmed that the video is formatted exactly as listed on the help page, an have had no problems until today.
Help ?!
Hopefully there is a problem on your end that is easy to correct.

Link: vimeo.com/56956009

Hudsun Media

Hudsun Media

having the same problem. Tried different exports to upload and both Safari and Firefox on different systems.

Evan Skye Films

Evan Skye Films Plus

same here, tried several times, 2 different browsers and 2 different computers and different encoding options. Can we get an update? Seems like a lot of people are having the same issue.

Greg Hasty

Greg Hasty PRO

Hi there,

having the same issue as above. I've tried uploading my video 3 times now and keep getting the same message. Please help, I have a deadline due later today.


Link: vimeo.com/56976781

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