Maribel Serrano

Maribel Serrano

On January 10th, I show more than 500 loads, but only 89 plays. This does not seem right. Does anybody else see this ridiculous discrepancy? Also, I know of at least 6 different people who, for sure, have seen my film in Brazil, but the statistics say it only has 1 play, but more loads. In the morning, I'll have, say 10 plays... and throughout the day, people will tell me they saw my film and comment on parts of it, but the plays don't go up! I am thinking about canceling Vimeo... this does not seem right... Does anybody else have these same issues?

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi Maribel, can you link me to the videos that you are referring to so that I can take a look? Our stats should currently be accurate and it's quite common to have a lot more loads to plays.

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