Julio Bahamonde C

Julio Bahamonde C

Hi, i need a composer to score a short film in the works, i cant say much for now, but the style of the score needs to be atmospheric, as a reference.


I love the quiet part from 5 mins aprox, with those female chorus in the back, the composer also needs to be able to give me more "agressive" stuff like drums in the piece, just an example. Basically needs to be atmospheric SEXY :) so if you hace something different like the reference please show me your work, i may change my mind in the style of the soundtrack, is still evolving.

And i need to license a song from a trip hope band, please show me your work to see if i can use something, i wont give asubject of the lyrics, but as a reference i need something like this one good fella´s song, i love the vocals.


Then we talk about budget and prices :). cheers.


Cody D. Boyce

Cody D. Boyce


I am working on a lot of soundscape/ambient sounding electronic music currently. Big inspirations for me are video game soundtracks, such as Forza 3, by Lance Hayes. I'm also part of a hip-hop band that could provide original music as well.

Here are a few links to check out. Please email me privately at codydboyce@gmail.com and I can send you a few .mp3s that are not published on the web.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

Link: soundcloud.com/codydboyce

Sean Rogan

Sean Rogan

Hi there! I'm a young composer looking for more opportunities, and the music I make is usually very atmospheric, post-rock influenced.
Recently composed for a short film, here are the pieces used on it: soundcloud.com/seanrogan

Sean Rogan

Link: soundcloud.com/seanrogan



Hey Julio,

We have lots of great artists on our site at blanksound.com You can license their pre-composed music or you could post your project on our site - we have a module that allows you to request music and work with a composer to get music that suits your tastes and budget.

Some ambient artists that might fit what you need:
goldberg.blanksound.com (Japan)
straytheories.blanksound.com (Australia)
cloppy.blanksound.com (Germany)

For your trip hop needs you might try these:

Let me know how I can help you with your project!




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