Rebecca Tharp

Rebecca Tharp Staff

Thank you for bringing this to our attention—we will look into it. With such a gigantic community and library, it is not possible for staff to review every video. Therefore, we truly appreciate the efforts of Vimeo users to bring inappropriate content to our attention.

For future reference: If you’re signed in and you encounter a video that you’re concerned about—or that potentially violates our guidelines—you can use the Flag link located in the lower right side under any video. Choose from the options that best fit your reason for flagging the video. Flagging a video will bring it to the attention of our Support Staff. We will review it and then take the appropriate action.

Gert Tetzner | avmediafactory

Gert Tetzner | avmediafactory Plus

Hi Rebecca,
thanks to your answer. Yes I know how to flag videos. I did it yesterday on vimeo. There are a lot of content like this one: If you search the tag "nikon d800" you'll find over 24 sides on vimeo with only spam of the last days. The same result you will get taged "nikon d600" and so on. Pls. follow my flaged videos. You'll find some of this spam from a lot of - I think - faked people like this names: Jessie A. Barber, Lynn E. Pearce, Becky A. May, Kenneth A. Lang ... See below for some samples. All of this "members" are spamer.

Links:,,,, etc.


Mark Staff

Thanks. Please continue to keep flagging to bring these to our attention. That's the easiest way for us all.

Gert Tetzner | avmediafactory

Gert Tetzner | avmediafactory Plus

OK, I think that will be a big problem because the spam are thousand of short videos posted the last 9 days.
If you search videos for “nikon d600” you will find 1,400 videos spam only the last 24 hours. That's impossible to flag all this spam by me... You'll get the same results search videos for "nikon d800" and other new cameras. It's looks like a server attack to vimeo.

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to look into this.

Arnoud van Houwelingen

Arnoud van Houwelingen Plus

Also with search for Panasonic GH3 and sort on date you find hundreds of spam messages. This is probably true for all brands of camera's though. This is getting a very serious problem.



Same here, I have been searching for GH3 videos for the last weeks and I just don't get anything relating to it. Before Christmas it worked fine. I have add that same problem years ago which has kept me from using Vimeo.

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