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Paul Kowalewski Composer available for animation projects. active 2
Paul Kowalewski
Michael McKinney Submit your Music Video to DaPOW.com active 86
Ak-amazen COMPOSER NEEDED: micro budjet indie film active 5
Mark Collins
Code Elektro Music for Cyberpunks and scifi nerds! active 2
Code Elektro
Karen Abad Great resources for finding music for your films. active 261
Morgan Clara
Sangho Lee Looking for sound designer and composer for short animation film, active 6
Michael Watson
irvintiu artist for hire {PAID} 2d artist, animator, rigger, 3d modeler and many more active 16
Natsuki Sato Offering piano music for any kind of film, game, video active 1
Natsuki Sato
Alex O'Shea Looking for sound designer for short film(s) (thriller) active 2
Noah Diesel
tommy jackson Looking for film composer for 30 minute Dark Comedy active 6
Jubal S
Ben Rawles Experienced and Reliable Composer for hire active 40
Ben Rawles
Elizabeth Wilk Seeking Film Composer for Short Documentary Film active 14
Cinzi Lavin
Alex O'Shea Looking for film composer for short film(s) (thriller) active 7
George Kalyvas
Rasheed Lindsey Reliable and Affordable Composer for hire active 3
Rasheed Lindsey
Jonathan Roach Sound Designer / Music Composer needed for Short Animated Film active 14
Ali Matovu
steven michael yeager Music Composition and Production Available active 1
steven michael yeager
Eric Matyas All music at soundimage.org is now free for commercial use active 32
Videographers Plus
sinasafatian I want to compose a music for a short film, Completely free! active 2
Videographers Plus
blackfilm Searching for a Sound Designer/Foley Artist active 3
Michael Ostrolenk
Vivaswan Legend Music Composer for Shorts active 2
Gianluca Cucchiara


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