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Tamara Tammy Need help with sound ASAP active 1
Tamara Tammy
Momchil Atanasoff Open Source Trio's moody instrumental music active 6
Momchil Atanasoff
Desi Caruso
Maximilian Lambrecht Composer for a Post-Apocalyptic Short Film needed active 7
Desi Caruso
Chloé Joasson Looking for a composer for student short film active 17
Desi Caruso
Eric Matyas Building a Library of Images for Everyone active 12
Eric Matyas
Ryan Hill Composer for your project active 1
Ryan Hill
Nikhil Gawankar Student Animators looking for a professional music composer ASAP for an explanatory short film active 9
Ryan Hill
GKC Track/Song available for any film projects to use
by GKC
active 1
K Ambient/Experimental Sound Designer / Composer
by K
active 2
THOMAS ENSLEY Independent Composer active 2
Impact Media Closed Captioning Service Available active 1
Impact Media
James Lee Paid: Music Production - 4 to 5 seconds for production logo active 13
Anthony Fuscaldo
Eric Matyas All music at soundimage.org is now free for commercial use active 131
Eric Matyas
Batuhan Yalaz Film & Game Composer Looking For New Project active 1
Batuhan Yalaz
GabeRusso Looking for Music Composer for Short Film active 42
David Obaniyi


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