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Tour Guide Kevin Have voice, will narrate active 2
steve morel VFX compositor available. active 4
Studio 26 Productions PRO
Studio 26 Productions Need Compositor for Post Apocolyptic 30 sec short teaser active 1
Studio 26 Productions PRO
matt hindle Offered: Modern classical soundtrack music active 1
matt hindle
Sam Suk Music Video wanted for Christian Rap songs (low to no budget)
by Sam Suk
active 0
Alonzo Gonzalez Looking for a writing partner active 1
Alonzo Gonzalez
Joshua Chumbley Need Voice Over Talent active 5
Tour Guide Kevin
Chris Staring Ambient Moody Glitchy music required for projection art! active 14
Nathaniel Jones
Craig Bancoff OFFER: free Americana music for students(similar to Ryan Adams and Wilco) active 1
Craig Bancoff
Abriel Goswami Calling all Australian Filmmakers active 1
Abriel Goswami Plus
Carbon Fire Composer Available active 1
Carbon Fire
dosongs Dosongs
by dosongs
active 1
Carbon Fire Composer Available active 2
Forest Animal Rescue
Riyaz ali magray CO-PRODUCER active 3
Riyaz ali magray
Tawan Bazemore Motion picture and video Colorist active 1
Tawan Bazemore
inacabinwith Dutch band looking for video material for a music video (self-editing) active 1
Radhika Morabia Screenwriters Group now Formed active 1
Radhika Morabia
August West Auto Safety Videos.....Automobile Safety Foundation active 1
August West
John Guest Composer/multi-instrumentalist will work for free! active 1
John Guest


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