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Falanca Composer for your projects
by Falanca
active 0
PsychWard Films Red Epic Camera Op. wanted for horror film active 2
Short-Film Trailer Music
Daniel B Music for your project active 1
Daniel B
Monica Olson Freelance Video Editor wanted - work from home active 12
Kevin Goodrich
Lef Fan Sound designer looking to collaborate with people in any kind of project !
by Lef Fan
active 1
Lef Fan
StanC Sound designer wanted
by StanC
active 14
Short-Film Trailer Music
DaeQuan Collier Wanted - Film Composer for Short Student Film active 11
Short-Film Trailer Music
Mandrillus/ Ben Yap film-maker looking for music or vice versa? active 42
Short-Film Trailer Music
Mia Goddard Wanted: Composer for short animated dance film active 8
Short-Film Trailer Music
Short-Film Trailer Music Composer Available for all work active 1
Short-Film Trailer Music
nextra top notch video editors
by nextra
active 2
Christopher Herlevic
Pierre Feyfant Compositeur Film composer available !! active 1
Pierre Feyfant Compositeur
bestbefore animated clips for audio tracks active 8
Daniel B
Darren Magee Musician/composer offering music for short animations, videos active 1
Darren Magee
Chris Kok Composer looking for projects (paid/unpaid) active 1
Chris Kok
Michael McKinney Submit your Music Video to DaPOW.com active 90
Narcisse Soulsinger Nguyen
nextra Wanted : Graphic designer or Animator for lyric video
by nextra
active 1
Timmy Bear Pianist/Composer/Sound Designer looking for Short Film Work active 1
Timmy Bear
Zane WANTED: Editor for YouTube Vlogs
by Zane
active 5
by MaPi
active 1


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