Kirk Markarian

Kirk Markarian

I've been posting at Vimeo for a while, and I keep asking people if they'd like to use my music in their films. No bites. This is mildly amusing, because the people I've contacted that are making films have been looking for "weird" music.

I've finally been given an opportunity by Mokoari Street Productions, and they've posted two clips with my music here:

Here's the deal - I make strange, low-fidelity music. It has a melody, it sometimes has a beat. It's not filled with violins or other orchestral instruments, nor does it sound like techno/house/hip-hop/drum and bass/dubstep. I don't make common music.

So, I'm offering my music for free. I only want credit. That's it.

If you want compositions made especially for your film and I need to write it to your footage, then I will charge for that.

Here are more examples of my music:

Any takers?

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