Kris Knowles

Kris Knowles

I'm looking for a composer to score my short non-fiction film. The film explores the past, present and future of Morecambe, a small seaside town on the North West coast of England.

I would like a 50's/60's inspired piece of music for the film to fit with the vintage aesthetic.

I won't be able to provide payment but you will receive full credits for the music.

If you're interested get in touch on Vimeo or email me at

5937 Studio

5937 Studio

Hey Kris, I know a fantastic one
His name is Russ Howrd III - He's the one who did my music score for my short film, Puggums :D
Feel free to check it out at

Russ Howard III's effort and dedication to Puggums definitely brought it to the next level, and I HIGHLY recommend that you get in touch with him if you're ever in need of music composer. He's easy to work with, very understandable to student's affordability while delivering high quality, but most of all, he's pleasure to work with. The end results won't fail you- I can assure you. Feel free to check out his amazing work in the following links below.

And soundcloud page:

And you can reach him by email:

Hope this helps!



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