Hi there, Vimeo!

My name is Andrea Caprotti and I am currently working on my senior short film as a Computer Animation major at Ringling College of Art and Design.

I am looking for both a Composer and a Sound Designer for my short.

The film will be approximately two minutes long. I'm looking for someone to create the sound effects track, as well as a possible composition for the film. The film itself centers on French culture, so I am looking for someone who is able to create music with a French flair. Full credit is given, and more information can be provided upon request.

Thank you!!

unread pages

unread pages

Bonjour Andrea

Certainly happy to do some French-themed music - were you thinking of the traditional cafe accordion style, or orchestral, or something different?

Best thing would be to have a look at a rough cut.


Karol Orzeł

Karol Orzeł

Hello there airismile :)
Here's my portfolio with movie fragments with my music (some various shorts included) and of course music section:
Contact me if you're interested.

Giovanni Durst

Giovanni Durst

Hi Andrea,

Here are also a couple of links to some of my works and music just in case you need something quick right now. If interested, you can also view my extended list of music and my demo reel at



Darkness Peering - Trailer - Dark \ Horror

Ramponi - Commercial - Electronica

Bluekids - Kids Clothing Commercial - Indie Rock

Painkiller - Film cue- Drama

Acqua Attiva Green - Commercial for Collistar - World\Ethnic

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Looking forward to hear from you soon and further discuss it.


Giovanni Dürst

Eileen McDonald Sparks

Eileen McDonald Sparks


If you're still looking for a sound designer, I'd love to help you out!
My email is, otherwise please contact me for future projects.

Regards, Eileen.



Ciao Andrea, siamo un progetto musicale di Roma dal nome TreesTakeLife e saremo molto interessate al progetto. Ti lasciamo sotto i link del sito e di soundcloud dove puoi trovare alcuni dei nostri lavori. Abbiamo letto che cercavi qualcosa di francese, che per ora non abbiamo nel nostro reel ma abbiamo affrontato fino ad ora diversi generi e ci piacerebbe poter partecipare. Grazie

La nostra mail è

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