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As quiet as it’s kept, the state of Mississippi has produced some of the most influential talents in music history. Artists as diverse as B.B. King, Elvis Presley, Snoop Dogg, Brandy and even rapper/label CEO Rick Ross all trace their roots to Mississippi- the birthplace of all American music.

Following in the same footsteps of so many talented musicians who came before him is Mississippi native, Memphis transplant rapper Fosta Ke. The flagship artist on his own independent label Fosta Vision, he is on a fast track to success with two scorching hot singles and music videos “Don’t Bring Ya Girl” and “Word Around the Block.”

“There is a lot of talent in Mississippi. The state is full of hot artists. We just don’t have the same outlets that other places have,” Ke explains. “But that’s not going to stop me at all. If the people can’t come to me, I’ll go to the people.”

Fosta Ke calls home the sleepy, North Mississippi town of Holly Springs. Home to less than 8,000 residents, where more than half of the city’s population lives on or below the poverty level. And like most Mississippi communities, Holly Springs has been plagued by illegal drugs, failed school systems, high teen pregnancy rates, corrupt governments and scarce jobs.

These are the realities that Ke knows all too well. But even though he was against all odds, the youngster vowed at a very young age that he would do everything in his power to move beyond his dire straits. So he threw himself into sports and inadvertently, he also was thrown into another extracurricular activity--rap.

“One guy I knew would always be like ‘spit a flow! Spit a flow!,‘” Ke details. “It probably was a mediocre flow but he’d fall out on the floor like I was the greatest rapper alive. That gave me the confidence to keep going.”

As Ke further perfected his craft, more people started to take notice. And by high school, Ke was the emcee to respect in Holly Springs. Knowing that living in his hometown could take him only so far, he eventually relocated to Memphis to pursue his career.

While in the M-Town, he dropped his 2011 debut mixtape Flowly Ghost and breakthrough single “Tricking.” Before long, he started getting major endorsements from high-profile DJs like Cool Runnings DJs CEO Bigga Rankin and much respected Mississippi radio jock Bigg V.

“Both Memphis and Mississippi have been good to me,” Fosta Ke admits. “I’ve gotten stamps of approval from everyone who hears my music. To get so much love from your peers is unbelievable.”

Ke shows that love in return by steadily supplying his audience with good music. His latest crowd pleasers are two sizzling singles and music videos “Don’t Bring Ya Girl” and “Word Around the Block.” Both songs feature Derrick Milano and are produced by Orlando, Fla.-based beat bully Ayo. Both music videos are co-produced by Ke.

On the up-tempo, radio-friendly club jam “Don’t Bring Ya Girl,” he warns all love struck lames about showing up with an unfaithful female on their arm, because she’s leaving with Ke. And on the ghetto love song “Word Around the Block,” Ke serenades cuties atop slick synthesizers, deep horns and a playful melody.

“My job as an entertainer is to entertain, and I do it to the best of my ability,” Ke admits. “I love what I do. But the best thing is that the fans love it too.”

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