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I shoot from the sky but always with both feet on the ground: aerial shooting and filming from remote controlled helicopters is my specialty. I design and build my electric multicopters especially for aerial photography and video shooting. They are almost silent, non polluting, fast and compact shooting tools developed after many years of aerial photography experience with radio controlled machines.

I work with the latest photo-video equipment to get excellent details in the pictures and full HD video. The copters have very stable flight and are equipped with GPS positioning system. Live video feedback allows perfect framing from the ground. I can capture boom, crane, dolly and of course aerial camera footage indoors and out, even in windy conditions, when raining or during the night. After the flight the copter is folded to get in a small backpack, ready to fly again in a few seconds.

My work consists also of documentary and architecture photography. I studied architecture at the Istituto di Architettura di Venezia then at the Helsinki Institute of Technology (Finland). I studied photography at the Paris International Photographic Institute.

For four years, I’ve been working as a photographer in Patagonia and for an advertisement photo studio in Buenos Aires. I am now based in the Dolomites region of Italy. With a quenchless curiosity I’ve travelled extensively, primarily on foot, bicycle or kayak. I’m a passionate alpinist-skier and have climbed several mountains from the Alps to Scandinavia, Scotland and the Andes.

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