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FotoVisura is an international self-publishing community and resource for what's next in art and documentary photography. The project is also a library and search engine for editors, curators, collectors and lovers of art and photography.

This platform consists of an annual membership that offers: 1) an online tool box that photographers can use to self publish, share and promote their work through images, video, audio and text; 2) an online Public Archive & Search Index, where work can rise to public attention; 3) a photography grant open to members that exposes work to a board of leading editors; 4) educational initiatives to connect photographers with leading editors on an individual basis, e.g. photo-editing workshops, seminars and an art residency for students, alumni and emerging photojournalists at the Visura Lodge in Stowe, Vemont; and 5) curated online and physical exhibitions; 6) Local Motion, an outlet that is free of cost for photography institutions and annual FV-members to promote news about exhibitions, events, competitions, grants, publications, artist talks, that streams to our home page, public archive, and newsletter.

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