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Found Objects Music Productions was formed by composers Trevor Gureckis and Jay Wadley during their time studying music composition at the Yale School of Music. Drawing upon extensive and unique experience in the music industry, their mission is to make their mark on Film, TV, and Ad music by creating inventive, effective, striking and stylish music that pushes their craft and supports their projects in achieving the greatest impact.

Some of their recent TV credits include Composer of Additional Music on FOX's hit show "Lie To Me", Orchestrations for the mega-hit "Doctor Who" on BBC 3 and BBC America networks, Composer for the documentary film "Speedy Delivery" on PBS, and music production for “The Botany of Desire”. Found Objects composers have had scores released on Philip Glass' record label Orange Mountain Records and the indie label Notenuf Records.

Their film work has appeared at numerous festivals including Tribeca, Vail, European Independent, HBO International Latino, LA shorts, Cinematexas and the Feel Good Film Festival. In addition to their own creative work they have collaborated with and worked with some of today’s most exciting composers and artists such as Philip Glass, Rufus Wainwright and Calexico.

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