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Founded in 2010 while studying at Birmingham City University, Steve Thornton and Chris Williams went on to become the first undergraduates to be nominated for a Sony Radio Award in 2011. It was for their feature length documentary UB40′s 30th Anniversary, which was nominated for ‘Best Music Special’.

Since the incorporation of the company, Fourseventy Media are proud to have worked with the likes of Birmingham City Council, Birmingham City University, The NEC Group, Retail Birmingham, South Birmingham Police, Fused Magazine, Dyson Media and many, many more.

We en-devour to help charities and non-profit organisations within the Birmingham area free of charge; Rhubarb Radio and Fireside/Sifa are just two worthwhile projects we undertake year-on-year. At Fourseventy Media we believe that providing creative marketing and media support for organisation such as these is an important part of what defines us as a diverse, community orientated, friendly company.

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