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Fourteen Twentysix is the cryptic alias of multi-instrumentalist Chris van der Linden. Hailing from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Fourteen Twentysix was started in 2006 as a solo project, combining electronica and acoustic instruments into widely spacious songs. With its dark, melancholic and lightly experimental brand of rock the band generated over 25.000 collective downloads around the world and shared the stage with bands such Duffhuës, Denvis, Lola Kite,The Black Box Revelation and Arthur Adam.

The debut EP Songs To Forget (2008) paints a dark, moving landscape of melancholy and hope, often described as being a very dark Depeche Mode meets Pink Floyd. The honest and painfully open look into the author’s life struck a chord with music fans around the world.

After the experimental remix EP Chromatic the band released its first full length album Lighttown Closure on April 23 2010. Both available for free as a high quality download and physical CD the album quickly got great reviews and further settled the band’s already high quality status. With the close of a chapter a new one begins and Lighttown Closure is as much a departure as it is a continuation a story: the artist’s personal life.

“A calm start gives way to Fourteen Twentysix’s own brand of rock. Electronic elements mixed with live band post-rock ethics combine to create an epic, emotional piece of art.” Mine All Mine! Records

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