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What the fuck is a 4 wheel backscratcher? The obvious answer is It’s your skateboard that happens to also double for a sweet back scratcher. However in this case the answer is it was the name of the first and only zine I did in my younger years. My buddy Tim Mulgrew and I had the brilliant idea to create a skate zine where every cover had a naked person scratching their back with a skateboard. In our youthful brilliance we decided the content of the zine didn’t matter as much as the photo on the cover – and as long as the photo on the cover always had a hot girl scratching her back with a skateboard we were going to be super successful publishers of the skate worlds hottest zine.

Well easier said than done because whether 4WBS would have gone on to be a smash hit or not was never to be realized. After our initial offering we called it quits and sadly 4WBS would never make it to round 2. Making zines back in the late 80’s was a whole hell’uva a lot of work that we weren’t prepared for and our true passions were better served shredding on a skateboard than writing and taking pictures of other people doing it. As the years went on though I did make a half ass attempt to be a skateboard journalist but found out dealing with editors wasn’t my strong suit so a career at a skate mag never quite materialized for me either. However I did end up doing a bit of ad work and more than a few freelance articles for this or that mag throughout the years and while photography always came in second place to riding a skateboard I have compiled a shit load of photos over that last 2 decades and the thought getting a website going has been on the bucket list for a while. The more I thought of it though the idea of putting up a site just to display my photos just didn’t appeal to me. My favorite thing about skateboarding is the bond and friendship you create with other skateboarders and I happen to hang out with some of the most creative funny bastards on 4 wheels.

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