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Welcome to Flying Pencil,
With innovative, creative and cool artwork, we aim to make a difference to you. Your brand and brand identity is your most important tool to promote your products and services to your targeted audience. Social media is not just about about meeting friends, it is about promoting, be seen and drive your message and it should look good.
The best billboards are usually forgotten, cars, lorries, yachts and boats. We can change the way you look, make your brand attractive and stick on vinyl not seen before. This is cost efficient and can be changed on a regular basis having the base colors and logos staying on with a new message every week or month.
We are a young team, grown up with social media, internet and we like cool stuff. if it look good...it is usually very good. Young people know what young people wants and this is driving the previous generation to change their purchase patterns and having attractive logos with clean message is taking you there.
Please let us know what you do, your passion about your products and services and we will be equal passionate to design something that makes a difference on your bottom line.
Looking forward to hear from you shortly...

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