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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Follow along as filmmakers Fiona Rayher and Damien Gillis document the journey of Caleb Behn, an inspiring young Indigenous law student taking on Big Oil & Gas to protect his people’s land, water and culture, in the wilds of northern Canada. | @FracturedLand

The Globe and Mail:
"[Fractured Land] follows Caleb Behn, one of B.C.’s bright, emerging native political leaders, as he explores the complex issues surrounding development in the northeast gas patch. That’s where, as the son and grandson of chiefs, he grew up hunting moose, fishing – and watching his community get torn apart by violence, alcohol abuse and poverty.

Mr. Behn, who sports tattoos, a Mohawk haircut and nicely cut suits, says the goal of the film is to shake people awake.

He wants more than anything else to move the debate over oil and gas development away from the confrontational front lines and into the living rooms of the nation. ..."

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