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FrameBlast is a simple video app that helps you tell your stories. Think. Shoot. Create. Share.

Reframing life, blast by blast.

Frame your story in blasts - start with the key elements of the story - the beginning and the end. If you’re crowdsurfing at a gig, that’s the beginning. What’s the ending? If you’re thinking about borrowing a mate’s push-scooter for the first time, it may end in tears or laughs. And that’s okay. Either’s blast-worthy. Now, take a moment to think. Everything that happens in the middle of the blast needs to lead to that key moment. This is your brain starting to get blast-thinking.

FrameBlast magically brings your stories together, creating high quality videos that you can save for yourself or proudly share with the world.

So what are you going to blast?

Company Overview
FrameBlast is a London-based emerging technology start-up built by a core team that has over 50 years combined experience in the professional media industry, delivering large scale and award winning projects for Nordisk Film, The BBC, Joost and the British Parliament amongst others.

FrameBlast is founded in London with a presence in San Francisco. Its mission is to bring original video creation, sharing and distribution tools and services to consumers and professionals. FrameBlast actively supports the creative community and promotes original and legal content creation initiatives.

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