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Francesco Canonico - Curriculum Vitae

Was born in 29/08/76 in Naples, Italy


Double Negative (London) 2011
Working as animator on:

* Rush, 2013 (Ron Howard)
* Total Recall, 2012 (Len Wiseman)
* Snow White and the Huntsman, 2012 (Rupert Sanders)
* John Carter Of Mars, 2011 (Andrew Stanton)

Peerless Camera Company (London) 2010
Working principally as animator on both XSI and MAYA on:
* Green Lantern, (director: Martin Campbell)

Animal Logic (Sydney) 2010
Working as animator on XSI on:
* Sucker Punch, 2011 (Zack Snyder)

Peerless Camera Company (London) 2007/2010
Working principally as animator on both XSI and MAYA. Also as XSI generalist on:
* The Debt, 2010 (John Madden)
* Prince Of Persia, 2010 (Mike Newell)
* Meant To Be, 2010 (Paul Breuls)
* Edge of Darkness, 2010 (Martin Campbell)
* The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, 2009 (Terry Gilliam, Davis-Films)
* The Pacific, 2009 TV mini-series
* The Wolfman, 2010 (Joe Johnston)
* Inkheart, 2008 (Iain Softley)
* The Secret of Moonacre, 2008 (Gabor Csupo)
* Fred Claus, 2007 (David Dobkin)

Lumiq Studios (Torino) 2005/2006
Working as animator on XSI and MAYA on:
* Donkey Xote, 2007 (Filmax and Lumiq co-production) 3D animation movie
* Hu-Man, 2007 a Guido Manuli's short movie
* Vico, 2006 3D animation teaser (Lumiq Production)

Proxima sfx © (Roma, Cinecittà) 2004
Worked as character rigger, modeler and especially animator for movies like:
* La Fiamma sul Ghiaccio, 2005 (Umberto Marino)
* Romanzo Criminale, 2005 (Michele Placido)
* Exorcist The Beginning, 2004( Paul Shrader)
* Ovunque Sei, 2004 ( Michele Placido)
* L'Amore Ritorna, 2004 (Sergio Rubini)
* Pace of Peace (P.O.P), 2004 a short movie, written in name of peace by Palestinian and Israelian students.
* Aurelio De Laurentiis (Logo intro), 2004

EDI. effetti digitali italiani (Milano) 2003
A short collaboration, working as generalist on few tv commercials, learning the basic linux environment, commands and EDI own softwares (BUF Compagnie software)

Green Movie Group S.p.A. (Milano) 1999-2003
I was more generic 3D operator, working on the entire 3D pipeline, for tons of commercials, and then films like:
* Dario Fo's Johan Padan a la descoverta delle Americhe, 2002 (Giulio Cingoli)
* Fear Dot Com, 2002 (William Malone)


Softimage 3D course (4 months)
at the Upgrade Softimage Authorized Training School of Milan, Italy.

Diploma at Niccolò Copernico Scientific Lyceum of Naples, Italy.

* Softimage XSI
* Maya (only for animating)
* Mudbox
* Adobe Photoshop & Premiere


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