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Name: Francesco
Surname: Dragone
Nationality: Italian
Education: MA in Visual Anthropology at the F.U. Berlin
Trained in: Anthropological research, Ethnographic Fieldwork, Camera, Screenwriting, Editing, Interpreting.
Currently: Working as a freelance video editor for small production companies, distributing the documentary in Festivals around Europe and… looking forward to see what comes next.
Interests: Anthropology, cultures, theatre, films and foreign languages.

He has developed interest in the social sciences and the visual field, fueled by love for cinema and theater, areas in which he had his first work experiences.
Always fascinated by languages he speaks fluently English, Portuguese and Spanish and he is also trained in French and German.

Francesco graduated in Turin at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature. Furthermore, he received the scholarship, Yourtime, for the cultural project "Situa.To", during which he began to explore the intersection between visual culture and urban space. Later on he explored these issues in a more anthropological perspective in the Master in Visual and Digital Culture at the University of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL). He studied semiotics and ethnographic documentary, from a theoretical point of view as well as acquiring technical skill in editing and directing. Afterwards he moved to Berlin to attend a Master in Visual and Media Anthropology. During the two years of his studies he was an intern for three months at the Eye Film Institute of Amsterdam. There, he got in touch with the realm of the film archive, acquiring fundamental skills at the department of restoration, digitalization and preservation of film reels...
In November 2013, he graduated at the Freie Universitat in Berlin with his first feature documentary "Shared Vision". He is currently working as an editor and cameraman and post producing his second feature shot in the country side of Slovakia during 2014.


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