Francisco Abreu

Portugal, living in Dubai U.A.E.

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Hi, my name is Francisco Abreu and I`m a Portuguese professional musician, guitarist, arranger, composer, producer (I also play bass), I teach music and I am also a freelance photographer/videographer.

I am at the moment living in Dubai and I am free for studio work and to tour with other people.

As a professional musician I have played different styles of music from jazz, rock, soul, blues, funk to world music, having the opportunity to work and record with some of the top and most relevant musicians and artists in Portugal as well as composed for my own projects, for others, or in collaboration with others, a lot of music. I play electric and acoustic guitars, have a lot of influences from different styles of music and love to create and arrange music. I have experience as a recording musician. I studied classical music in Portugal and have a university degree in jazz guitar, from the Amsterdam Conservatory in Holland, graduating in 2002.
As a teacher, I give electric and acoustic guitar lessons - jazz, improvisation, harmony, ear training, rock and pop music.
You can visit my official music page for more info, music and videos.

As a photographer and videographer I have worked as a freelance photographer, director and DOF, mainly with people on portraits sessions with actors and models, some commercial work as well as some small personal video projects. In my own work I am also interested in photojournalism, street photography, landscape, events, fine art photography as well as all video and cinematography related areas.

For more details, see my complete bio and credits at my official music website:

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Visit my freelance photography page at:

Please, take the time to visit my Youtube and Vimeo page, for more information, music and videos at:

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