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Multi-instrumentalist and noise manufacturer using digital percussives and pure electronics — also (un)known as Ijnveïq de Ernestine, Tlü Ejtko, Phrenq, Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg — Franck Smith runs the private recording collection Odiolorgnette and works as an independant artist in electronic fields, experimental audiovisual contexts and soundtrack production. Member of the dual electronic unit Zn'shñ and co-founder of visual production Rosebruit.
Also active under the pseudonym Zviij as a sound artist and noise designer.

See official website odiolorgnette for more details + personal page
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Influences: experimental and primitive sound-activities ; hybrid acousmatic contexts ; neo-archaisms ; Japanese Gagaku ; Tibetan rituals ; Pygmy music ; everything linked to noise manufacturing ; electronic manoeuvrings - including - digital percussive devices and vinyl manipulation.

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