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Franco Parente :: Filmmaker

A Cuban American born and raised in Miami, Florida, Franco digs on cheeseburgers and obscure cervézas. He's spent his early career working as an assistant director for television commercials, music videos and narrative films and had the pleasure of serving as Crew Chief on four projects for the SUNDANCE FILM INSTITUTE'S DIRECTING LABS including the ACADEMY AWARD nominated BEASTS of the SOUTHERN WILD.

As a director he has worked for such clients as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Toyota, The Florida Department of Health and others to be named later. Independently he has produced, written and directed various award winning short films screening at film festivals worldwide. His short film Casper & Kitty received three Best Florida Short Film Awards and acquired by CANAL +.

He is currently in production of the feature length documentary LITTLE HAITI ROCK CITY and has various projects in different stages of development.

In his free time he is perfecting writing about himself in the third person.


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