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Munich, Salzburg

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Frank Jacob is an award winning, international filmmaker, visual artist, producer and composer.

Known for his enigmatic approaches, Jacob has visually realized many different subjects that would not ordinarily find their way into the audio-visual medium. This has included an audio-visual exploration of blindness called 'Beating Darkness' for Austrian vision researcher Michaela Velikay-Parel, an after-life 'Video Epitaph' depicting the work of deceased architect Herwig Illmaier, and an annual report in the form of an audio/visual narrative entitled 'Information Is Art', which he performed live in 2007 with cellist Katharina Feldbacher at Carnegie Hall for the influential 'American Austrian Foundation', a George Soros funded off-shoot of the world-renowned 'Doctors Without Borders'.

Other highlights have included a first-of-its-kind 'live cinema' feature entitled 'LOOP Live Cinema', where musical stage performances where orchestrated in tandem with dynamic visual sequences projected as dramatic narratives. He was invited to conceive and perform a unique live cinema spectacle, in January 2010, in collaboration with a 65-piece symphony orchestra in Salzburg, the birth town of Mozart.

Jacob previously directed, produced and edited Solar (R)evolution, a feature documentary that explores human mental and spiritual evolution relative to solar activity and changes in the cosmos, based on the research of world-renowned German biophysicist Dieter Broers. He is the writer, director and producer of PACKING FOR MARS a new feature documentary released in 2015.

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