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  1. Love storytelling

    by Erick Flores Garnelo subscribed to

    226 Videos / 72 Followers

    For those who are never tired of discovering something new.

  2. Cinema Experimentalis

    by odilonvert subscribed to

    30 Videos / 18 Followers

    This is a companion channel to my tumblr blog featuring current experimental filmmakers who have inspired me who are not (yet) world famous. http://cinemaexperimentalis.tumblr.com/ ***NOTE:…

  3. Helicon Films

    by Fred L Epee subscribed to

    16 Videos / 31 Followers

    Helicon Films is an Indie Film Label. Cinematography and Sound design. Co-producers: Fred L'Epee Ed Alvarado Kenneth Gentry (United States - Switzerland)

  4. One Minute Wonders

    by Present Plus subscribed to

    49 Videos / 1,077 Followers

    One minute wonders is just that. A series of video portraits of wondrous people, telling their personal story in 60 seconds flat. Artists, entrepreneurs, designers and rain-makers offer up an insight…

  5. Rodja & Timo zeigen Independent Kurzfilme

    by zoom magazin subscribed to

    242 Videos / 283 Followers

    Kurzfilme sind unsere Leidenschaft. In dieser Form liegen tolle Möglichkeiten, ja, oft ist der Kurzfilm gar besser, als der Langfilm. Und wenn nicht, ist er wenigstens kurz. Timo: https://twitter.com/TmLndsdlHH Rodja:…

  6. Disposable Film Festival Competitive Shorts 2010

    by Disposable Film Festival subscribed to

    26 Videos / 72 Followers

    http://www.disposablefilmfest.com http://twitter.com/#!/DFFest

  7. CINETORO Film Festival

    by Extraliminal subscribed to

    156 Videos / 67 Followers

    Sitio Web / Web Site: http://cinetoro.com Síguenos en / Follow us in: http://facebook.com/cinetorofilmfestival Más videos de CINETORO / CINETORO more videos: http://youtube.com/cinetorofilmfestival

  8. Occupy Wall Street

    by Vas subscribed to

    43 Videos / 8 Followers

    videos about Occupy Wall Street in New York City

  9. Time Hunters, Cazadores del Tiempo.

    by Marco Campazas subscribed to

    1,472 Videos / 719 Followers

    Timelapse and Slowmotion Channel. Canal de videos Timelapse y Slowmotion. The art of Time Hunting. El arte de capturar el tiempo.

  10. Idealist.org: Making Good Ideas Travel

    by Idealist.org subscribed to

    294 Videos / 1,559 Followers

    The Idealist.org Channel is the place to find videos about social change, nonprofits, community involvement and good ideas. Share your favorite "good idea" video by sending us a message…

  11. Socially Minded Documentaries

    by Allison Fisk subscribed to

    1,058 Videos / 4,295 Followers

    This is a channel for filmmakers to put their finished documentaries, trailers, and teasers so that more people can see them and learn about the people and issues we try to advocate for. Unfinished…

  12. Occupy world Protest

    by supa newt subscribed to

    82 Videos / 46 Followers

    Join the World in Peaceful Protest and stand up to corporations and greedy bankers show support of the People who Occupy Wall Street Together we are worldwide it is time to change together we…

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