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  1. fityoungmen

    fityoungmen PRO Islington, London, England


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    Fit Young Men opened at the beginning of 2010 and is a photography website showcasing athletic and sporty men by Nick Baker. We choose to work with ripped and toned young men where sport has been a large part of their background; many of them have never modelled before so most these hunks are exclusive…

  2. aussieBum

    aussieBum PRO Sydney, Australia


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    'a culture defined by those who wear it.' aB

  3. Martin Wallgren

    Martin Wallgren Plus Dingle, Sweden


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    I'm a freelance cinematographer / DP and landscape photographer. I occasionally shoot specialized timelapse projects and some documentary stuff as well as music videos. Currently working on a charity film project to raise global awareness about Addison's disease, a rare diagnose that is life-threatening…

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