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(Fractal Pterodactyl) studio collective

FRCTYL.PTRDCTYL uses motion picture, design, photo, and sound through symbiosis to spread the story of sensation with a focus on surreal dreamscapes and experimentation for the progression of the creative mind. We believe in collaboration and openness using the senses to emote purity and wonder through personal experience. The group is a collective of multi-versed creatives; we strive to attune human possibility, spreading compassion and awareness with an open-box method.

-Motion Picture-
Documentaries, Narratives, Shorts, Features, portraits
Tricking Community, Awareness Community, Healing Community

-Audio | Sound-
Music Production. Score. Sound Design. Radio Show podcast
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Isiah Flores

symbiosis since 2013

Motion Picture Film, 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, Kodak, Red Epic, Scarlet, Mx, Canon, Music Production, Score, Label, Sound Design, Direction, Cinematography, Production, Awareness, Activism, Silent, Feeling, Emotion, Wonder, Documentaries, Narratives, Shorts, Features, Portraits

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