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FreakCast: To externalize the mind. to observe it, to study it, train it, and tell it what i/us want it to do. This is inherently the motion... the direction... and it maybe this inertia that rotate’s that mind to let us concentrate on the various faculties of this infinite spectacle; the mind: within which is the spirit of all things and no things at all.

FreakCast is just intent wrapped in an aesthetic right now. it should become bigger than all of us. Freakcast: the signals, frequencies, charges, and polarities being broadcast, rebroadcast, syndicated, through us.

To FreakCast could be just another way to channel the multi-verses, the ethers, and out-theres’, beyonds, uber-quantum-consciousnesses and their relatives and ancestors, through our ever-evolving-forms of communication.

I AM NOT FREAKCAST. This realization cracks this whole thing open. It cracks me up. We are all the FreakCast and without all of us (the humans, animals, plants, subhumans, elementals, archetypes, stereotypes, demi-gods, deities, and alien forms and non forms) communication evolution is insignificant. I am insignificant.

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