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  1. 00:51

    i like

    by Fredo Viola

    1 Video

  2. 05:45

    Live in Huesca

    by Fredo Viola

    1 Video

    Fredo Viola performing live in Huesca, with violist Liuh-Wen Ting

  3. 13:02


    by Fredo Viola

    3 Videos

    pretentious name, I know! It's meant to be projects with some other focus other than the live performance.

  4. 14:13


    by Fredo Viola

    5 Videos

  5. 00:00

    Opus Works

    by Fredo Viola

    0 Videos

    Non-performance oriented visual works

  6. 38:55

    Cluster Performances

    by Fredo Viola

    9 Videos

    Live cluster videos by Fredo Viola

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